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Your final wishes, handled

Preplanning protects your legacy and financial choices

Join hundreds of other grateful families in gaining peace of mind that all of their final arrangements have been handled with Morrissett's preplanning program.

  • Lift the burden off of your loved ones during a time they need to grieve 
  • Although pre-arrangements do not have to cost a dime, you can take advantage of the economic benefits of pre-paying for services
  • You control exactly how your final arrangements will be presented.

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Preplanning in 3 Easy Steps


Meet With a Preplanning Specialist

Our directors can answer all of your questions and help you every step of the way to build and place your final plans.


Put Your Plans in Writing

Your final wishes will be officially documented and kept safe both here at Morrissett, and with loved ones of your choosing.


Walk Away With Peace of Mind

Once it's done you won't need to revisit your plans unless you want to, and the benefits will last for years to come.

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Funeral Preplanning Guidebook

Navigate the many funeral and cremation options with our detailed guide.

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Smooth the way for a strong, happy future

Preplanning is often described as a gift to your family. Having things prepared before the time of need can make a difficult season go much more smoothly for the people you love, and the people who love them. 

Schedule Your One-on-one Session

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How to Write Your Own Obituary
One of the activities we encourage during the planning process is preparing stories and information you would like to share with others. This guide will get you started in writing your own obituary!

What Others are Saying

“Now that I’ve preplanned, I can protect my loved ones during a time of emotional upheaval.”

 - Gene Mills

“Many of the urgent tasks and decisions which would otherwise burden my family later, are handled now."

- Janet Porter

“My savings and estate are protected and my final wishes will be met in every detail.”

- Trish Bailey

Meet with a Planning Specialist

Schedule Now

Our Pre-Planning Specialist will walk you through the steps of making advanced arrangements and make sure that all of the necessary components are addressed.
We will thoughtfully work with you and your unique financial needs to create a service that is a fitting tribute to your loved one. A meaningful funeral need not put a family into debt.
Peace of Mind
Having everything prepared before the time of need can make a difficult season go much more smoothly for your loved ones.

Is Preplanning my funeral the right thing for me?

Be confident about Preplanning
  • Saving your family the strain of trying to determine what you would have wanted
  • Making decisions without being governed by emotions
  • Creating a caring legacy for your family and a personalized service to celebrate your life the way you wanted
  • Gaining understanding and a clear set of instructions outlining your wishes
Myths about Preplanning a funeral
  • "I have to be able to prepay for all of my arrangements."
  • "My family already knows what I want."
  • "I have already paid for a cemetery plot."
  • "My family would never be willing to talk about it."
  • "I'm too young to start planning."
  • "I can't prearrange for something that hasn't happened yet."
  • "I already have a Living Will and Testament."