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Jul 13, 2021 Hartway

Creative Ways to Use Cremated Remains to Honor Your Loved One

If you or a loved one has chosen cremation, you may be considering creative ways to honor them using the “cremains” or cremated remains. The possibilities are nearly endless, so take some time to consider your loved one’s unique personality, and how they might like to be celebrated after they are gone. If you are planning for yourself, be sure to leave clear instructions so your family will be able to follow your wishes.

Scatter the Cremated Remains in a Meaningful Location

Scattering your loved one’s cremated remains in a place that had special meaning to them can be a very healing experience. Whether it’s a mountaintop, a favorite park, or at the beach, it’s important to choose a location that family will always have access to and where you have the necessary permission to scatter human remains. If you are unsure what permission (if any) is necessary, simply ask your funeral director. Laws in certain areas prohibit the scattering of cremains in many public places, often including lakes and rivers. Be sure to research the laws in your area in advance–or ask your funeral director—before choosing the spot to scatter your loved one’s cremated remains.

Create an Undersea Reef

If your loved one was passionate about the ocean, having their cremated remains transformed into part of an ocean reef could be a very meaningful option. The cremains are mixed with concrete and formed into a personalized reef, creating a permanent home for sea life. Your funeral director can provide more details on this option if you are interested.

Design a Piece of Memorial Jewelry

Many artisans are now creating beautiful, one of a kind pieces of memorial jewelry that contain cremated remains. This could be a special way to keep your loved one with you all the time, and since only a small amount of cremains are needed for each piece, a way for several family members to carry the tribute with them.

Plant a Tree

Cremated remains can be placed in a special biodegradable container from which a tree or flowering shrub grows. This can facilitate a beautiful memorial space at your home or another special outdoor space.

Create a Fireworks Show

There are companies that can incorporate your loved one’s cremated remains into custom-made fireworks. This is a unique and exciting addition to a celebration of life ceremony that won’t soon be forgotten!

Get a Tattoo with the Cremains

For the very creative, you can actually have your loved one’s cremation remains turned into a tattoo. A small amount of the remains are sterilized and milled very finely, and then mixed with the tattoo artist’s ink. This is an exceptionally unique choice for honoring your loved one’s memory.

As with all funeral choices, options vary widely and what is perfect for one family is certainly not perfect for another. The important point is to think about what is right for you and your family and plan ahead! 

For more ideas on using cremains to honor your loved one, contact Morrissett Funeral & Cremation Service. Our funeral directors and staff would be pleased to offer their assistance and expertise.

Published by Hartway July 13, 2021