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Aug 18, 2021 Hartway

Benefits of Travel Protection: Treasuring a Lifetime of Experiences for Your Loved One

Traveling to new places is one of the greatest benefits of retiring; there are so many extraordinary experiences all over the world. But what happens when someone is in Dublin on vacation with their loved one or on an Alaskan cruise with their family... and the unimaginable occurs?

While the risk of dying abroad or away from home in the United States is fairly low, it is a reality that should be taken seriously. Those who are enjoying the benefits of traveling should also consider the benefits of a travel protection plan.

The cost of unforeseen death away from home

When death away from home occurs in the United States a family could have to pay $4,000 - $5,000 on average to pay for preparation and shipping of the body back home, and when it is overseas this could cost even more.

There are many small details and unknown events that have to take place when people die away from home, like:

  • Working with the police and coroners office
  • Working with a funeral home local to the death
  • Embalming the body
  • Shipping the body home
  • Transportation from the airport back to a local funeral home

A sudden death is already difficult enough, but when it's not at home it adds another layer of anxiety and financial stress to an already grieving family.

What is Travel Protection and how does it work?

Travel Protection is a way of financially securing a person’s arrangements back home in the event of dying while traveling. For a one-time, flat fee, the insured will have immediate support and financial backing to get to the funeral home of their choice with a single phone call.

  • Make one phone call and all arrangements will be handled
  • Covers total cost of conveyance
  • Covers any location in the world
  • Saves thousands of dollars in these unfortunate events

Full Circle of Protection: Adding Travel Protection to Prearrangements

The truth is, nobody knows when or where they are going to die. That’s why it's important to consider adding travel protection to a cremation or burial plan. Once pre-arrangements are made that include travel protection, loved ones will be given invaluable peace of mind and huge financial savings. Here are a few benefits of pre-planning with travel protection:

  • Removes the emotional and financial burden on the family members
  • Protects and aids family members during a very difficult time
  • Completes pre-arrangement plans

Plan Your Travel Arrangements with Peace of Mind

If you are interested in travel protection, you probably have a lot of questions! Sitting down with a planning director is a quick and efficient way to get your questions answered and start planning, or pre-planning, an eco-friendly burial.

“Given the uncertainty of today’s world, many of my families have opted to have the peace of mind knowing that this is one less thing to worry about. While we hope to never have to need these services, it is comforting to travelers and their families back home to know that everything is covered should the worst occur.” - Kaylinn Bezenar, Pre-Planning Specialist at Morrissett Funeral & Cremation Service

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Published by Hartway August 18, 2021